Dr. Silver is passionate about sports!

Meet Dr. Silver, the athlete.

Are you looking for an MD who gets “bonking”, “brick work outs”, and “periodization”? Are you a newbie to exercise; and seeking guidance in structuring an overall training plan that takes into account your own health conditions? 

Dr. Silver has expertise in over-training/adrenal fatigue, hormonal changes in endurance athletes, gender specific athletic considerations and mitochondrial dysfunction related to training. As an athlete herself, Dr. Silver knows what it takes to reach your peak athletic potential.

Dr. Kiki Silver is passionate about exercise

Her passion for sports began at a young age. She played competitive lacrosse and field-hockey during high-school and college. During the rigors of medical school and while in residency at UCSF, she turned to biking and running in particular, as outlets to balance the long days of studying.

Dr. Silver knows how to help you reach your peak athletic potential.

After completion of her residency Dr. Silver fell in love with triathlons. With dedicated training and sound nutritional planning, she qualified 3 times for the Kona Ironman World Championships, a grueling 10+ hour race covering 140.6 miles via swimming, biking and running. Once children entered her life, Dr. Silver scaled back to competing in 70.3 IM distance racing, with her daughters often joining during run sessions.

In 2016, a devastating encounter with a truck while cycling, unfortunately left Dr. Silver with burst vertebral fractures, traumatic scoliosis, rib fractures and painful neuropathy. She was confined to her bedroom with limited mobility for a month. Although confined to a vice-like upper body brace for 9 months, Dr. Silver was determined to walk and run again.

Dr. Silver walks the walk…

She became a sight all around Boulder — walking for miles wearing her brace as she slowly began her painful recovery process. Thankfully, she sustained no head injuries, so continued to work from her home office during the months that she was housebound. 

Three years later, and still passionate about sports, Dr. Silver is back racing. She has hung up her road bike given road safety concerns, and has moved to competing in XTERRA triathlons and mountain bike racing, often with podium finishes.

“Sports have and will always be an incredibly important part of my life… I am passionate about sports — for all they have taught me and for how they have enriched my life. My accident, though devastating, has helped me relate better to my patients who suffer from chronic pain syndromes and who are recovering from traumatic experiences.” 

— Dr. Kiki Silver