My hormones feel out of whack

Hormone Replacement Therapy

We have come a long way from the WHI trial of 2002 in our understanding regarding the safety and benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for women. We know that an individualized HRT regimen, is not only safe but also helpful in reduction of menopause related symptoms.

In addition it can be helpful in preservation of bone density, skin elasticity, pelvic floor health, mental health & in promoting a favorable cholesterol composition. We also have learned about the benefits of Testosterone replacement therapy in men who are going through andropause, with benefits related to erectile functioning, body composition, mood & bone density.

I just want to feel like I used to!

HRT must be administered by a licensed provider who understands how to safely prescribe and monitor hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Silver has helped hundreds of women navigate the peri-menopause and menopausal years without having to suffer from the rollercoaster ride caused by the decline in hormone levels. Dr. Silver has helped men rediscover their own vitality in their andropause years.

I am so confused about hormone replacement — is it safe?

Bio-identical HRT is safe and can confer numerous health benefits that no other prescription medication or supplement can offer. Re-discover your vitality!

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