Find Excellent Health

After 10+ years of racing Ironman 70.3 and Ironman triathlons as an elite age-grouper, as I hit my early 40s, I noticed a significant performance decline. I was barely able to run for an hour without feeling completely drained and paces that I used to be able to hold for hours, now felt like sprint speed. I saw several doctors and specialists and they were quick to put it down to “aging”, noting that that blood test results were a little low but normal.

Dr. Silver was the only doctor who took the time to listen and ask detailed questions about all the symptoms that I was experiencing.

She committed to working with me to restore me to optimal health and help me to continue to pursue triathlon PRs into my mid-40s. After working with Dr. Silver for the past year, I have scored PR times, several age-group wins and most recently a qualifying spot to the 2016 Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

“What is more, I feel great! I cannot thank Kiki enough for being the only doctor I have come across that partners with her patients to help them find excellent health!” – Jordan