Do you know how to age gracefully?

Optimal aging is an active process.

With the average US life expectancy approaching 79 years of age, many of my patients are asking what they can do to help age optimally in the latter years of their lives.

How we define ‘optimal aging’ is important…

It is not merely the absence of disease or disability — but also high functioning in all domains (physical, functional, cognitive, emotional & spiritual). We don’t want to wait passively for a disease diagnosis, but rather proactively look for underlying conditions that can be addressed now.

“I am scared that I may end up with dementia, osteoporosis or a stroke… How can I be proactive to help reduce the likelihood of diseases, and how can I screen for risks?”

Dr. Silver will explore the various components that impact how well you can age. These pillars of health include: anti-inflammatory nutrition & diet, exercise (specific types and duration) sleep and restorative practices, hormone replacement in eligible menopause and andropause patients, gut biome, cardiovascular function, bone density and cognitive preservation.

  • diet & nutrition
  • exercise
  • sleep
  • gut health
  • heart health
  • hormone balance
  • cognitive preservation

Ensuring optimal aging is an active process. Dr. Silver can provide you with an individualized road map — so that you can actually embrace the aging process!

The rest of your life starts now…

Everything you do now will impact how well you age in the upcoming years. You want to be pro-active in minimizing risks that could contribute to irreversible conditions down the road.

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