Menopausal female athletes

Thankfully, I was introduced to Dr. Silver who specializes in women exactly like me.

“Just months ago I realized there was a huge lack of medical knowledge for menopausal female athletes. I knew my health was not optimal – yet my doctor kept telling me that I was her healthiest patient.

I just couldn’t accept the lack of energy, long recovery times and other symptoms that made me feel like an ‘old shoe’.”

Dr. Silver impressed me from the minute I touched base with her and has amazed me every step of the way. Never have I met a doctor who asked so many details of my health history. She listened to every word and continued to delve into every issue I was experiencing. She knew what labs tests I should have, and poured over my medical chart like no doctor has ever done before.

Dr. Silver has changed my life.

Her individualized approach blew my mind. It took her less than 6 weeks to zero in on my particular issue — an issue I was told to accept by other doctors.

She has allowed me to feel better, and for this I am forever grateful.