“Ritz-Carlton” Level Service

Dr. Kiki Silver is passionately focused on ensuring that your best days are ahead of you!

“As a competitive age-group triathlete and cyclist for more than 20 years, my body has experienced it’s share of ups and downs.”

Many doctors through the years have misdiagnosed various ailments and injuries, told me to back off the training and hinted that my best days were behind me. That’s not the message you will get from Boulder Peak Health.

There is nobody I trust more than Dr. Silver.

She understands the needs – and most importantly – the mindset of those of us who don’t ever want to stop doing the activities we love the most. Her comprehensive approach and “Ritz-Carlton” level service is why she is the Gold Standard in athletic performance optimization and integrative medicine. After experiencing first-hand the time, care, and thoughtfulness she brings to each interaction, there is nobody I trust more with the health of my family than Dr. Silver.