Auto Immune Diagnoses

“After spending several years seeking a diagnosis with no real answers, I had reached a critical tipping point in my pain. I was mere months away from getting married. I had seen nearly every type of doctor for my back pain, and I had tried nearly every time of therapy, PRP injections, massage, acupuncture, you name it to fix it.

But nothing was helping. It was just getting worse. It’s no exaggeration when I say I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my wedding day, let alone get off the couch again.

As cliche as this is, a referral to Dr. Silver is what changed my life. Dr. Silver, from the very start, was exceptional. I can’t reiterate enough how important it was that she really took the time to listen to me. While I was rushed by other doctors through a 10 minute appointment and a factory-line disc herniation diagnosis over the past 2 years, Dr. Silver actually took the time to review all of my medical records, listen to my complete medical history, learn about my athletic background, and understand my pain.

She really took the time to listen to me.

She was monumental in solving what for years seemed a mystery, but turned out to be a very difficult-to-diagnose autoimmune disease. After we determined it was necessary to see a rheumatologist and gastroenterologist, she took the time to call each doctor and bring them up to speed on her findings. Even the rheumatologist and endocrinologist were blown away by her, both independently asking my partner and I how we found her— commenting on her talent, and the extent she will go to for her patient.

I’m now several weeks into treatment, and already feeling worlds better. While it was hard to hear my diagnosis, it is so incredibly empowering to know what I have and how to move forward. “