Low energy and depression

She has helped feel better without harming my body. I had been feeling low energy for some time and was beginning to get depressed. I had been to my PCP and an Ob-Gyn to look for answers to my symptoms. But no one could direct me to a better energetic life. When I agreed to do the testing with Dr. Silver, it took patience to wait for the results. But as soon as the results were in, she contacted me and immediately saw me. It was conclusive and helpful. I began a treatment regimen she had put together for me and began to feel better within a couple of weeks.

“Dr. Silver has been a godsend.”

I continue to see improvement. She is invaluable with her knowledge of science and how the body functions. I appreciated her explanations of how my body worked, and what it needed to function at its maximum.

Thank you Dr. Silver for teaching me, and helping me get better!