Let’s get to the root cause

Together we’ll explore the underlying problems.

  • Are you someone who has always felt generally healthy, and you suddenly find yourself not feeling well — and struggling find answers?
  • Are you someone who has struggled with feeling unwell for years, and would like to finally understand why?
  • Are you hoping to figure out the root causes for your symptoms rather than merely covering them up with a pill?
  • Are you looking for an expert who can help interpret results from prior testing and analysis in order to provide a cohesive treatment plan?
Dr. Silver, Functional Medicine & Internal Medicine board certified, your diagnosing expert.

Dr. Silver strives to identify the root causes of illness in order to help restore health, rather than merely diagnosing and masking symptoms with prescription medication.

Discovering the root cause of illness is empowering.

Years of experience in clinical medicine have afforded Dr. Silver knowledge in diagnosis of rare disorders and in individualized treatment to help with health restoration. She has helped patients all across the United States, many of whom come referred by other providers and existing patients.

Through her review of prior records and additional analysis when indicated, she is able to provide her patients with answers for WHY they feel unwell and to then support them in their recovery.

I can’t figure out what is wrong with me… I’ve seen so many doctors but no one can figure it out. I want to treat the underlying cause — not just the symptoms.

Discovering the root cause of illness is empowering. We all have the right to know why we feel unwell… We were not born with a prescription pill “deficiency” so exploring underlying causative etiologies is critical for true healing to begin.

Get back to feeling like yourself again.