Boulder Peak Health offers online consultations

Help… I’d like a consultation with Dr. Silver, but I don’t live in Colorado.

During the past few years, I have expanded the scope of my practice to “see” patients residing in all parts of the United States. With technological advances that now offer HIPAA secure video conferencing capabilities, I can now conduct online consultations with patients who live anywhere! 

I am here to help you! 

I began offering remote appointments, given the increasing number of requests to help patients who were unable to meet me in Boulder, CO. Examples of the types of patients who have availed themselves of online consultations:  

  • Existing patients’ family members who have struggled for years with health conditions for which their own providers lacked solutions. 
  • Patients with “mystery ailments” who desperately needed an MD to dig for root causes and provide individualized treatment plans.
  • Patients who wanted to ensure that their health was being optimized by utilizing cutting-edge genetic testing and specialty lab analysis. 
Patients who have attested to the ease of the remote process say, “It’s just like meeting Dr. Silver in person!” 

How can I meet with Dr. Silver?

The step by step pre-appointment process for scheduling a remote encounter via phone or HIPAA secure video conferencing — is the same as for in-patient appointments.

  1. Request an appointment either via the online scheduler OR contact Dr. Silver directly.
  2. Dr. Silver creates a HIPPA secure portal through her electronic health record (EHR).
  3. Dr. Silver sends you her comprehensive intake questionnaire through the EHR portal for you to complete.
  4. Dr. Silver reviews your recent and pertinent health records, labs, imaging or studies. You can either send records through the portal OR Dr. Silver will provide you with a medical release form in order to request your records. 
  5. Meet with Dr. Silver for the first consultation, either via video conference or phone appointment. She allots up to 90 minutes for this first visit with you. 
  6. Dr. Silver will outline recommendations for evaluation and treatment following the initial consultation. Dr. Silvers’ credentials afford her the ability to order lab tests that you can run at your local, insurance-preferred reference laboratory. 
  7. Follow up appointment with Dr. Silver to review results of any additional analysis and/or improvement in symptoms and conditions following implementation of initial treatment recommendations. 
  8. Ongoing care and follow up appointments depending on patient’s health diagnoses, treatment plan and need for further monitoring. 
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