My body’s health as a whole

I had seen multiple physicians: internists and specialist and all were unable to diagnose and treat a condition that had caused me to live with life altering symptoms for over a year. I was referred to Dr. Silver through our Dermatologist that said Dr. Silver “liked tough problems.”

Out of desperation, with no hopes at all, I went to see Dr. Silver and from the first visit she started changing my life for the better. Dr. Silver methodically and thoughtfully discussed the issue with me, ordered tests, analyzed the results and eventually diagnosed and treated the issues from which I had been suffering. Just a few days after that first visit the symptoms started improving. I was happy to just get better, but Dr. Silver did not give up and would not stop until all symptoms were vanished.

What impressed me the most was Dr. Silver’s determination to get me to a “healthy” state, there was no doubt in her mind that she would solve my issue. She looked at my body’s health as a whole, not just at the one condition I went in for. As it turns out, Dr. Silver discovered and addressed many other health problems I had.

Words are not adequate to express my gratitude.

I am very lucky to have met Dr. Silver and forever grateful to our dermatologist. I now have my life back and more so, I know that from now on I have a doctor that I can trust with my health no matter what surprises life might bring.

Lourdes D.