25 Doctors at Mayo Clinic Missed

“Dr. Silver has accomplished what 25 doctors and two weeks at the Mayo Clinic could not. I had been ill for more than six years, at times so dramatically that I had to be hospitalized. I was not able to work for long stretches of time and my life was unraveling in many ways. No one was able to diagnose what was happening.

Dr. Silver has been unceasingly perseverant, tracking down every lead and possibility. Essential to the process has been her endless understanding, acceptance and commitment to me, which has been as much a part of my healing, if not more, as her acute medical knowledge and intuition. She has explored arenas of my health that other doctors never even considered and found answers in places in my body and my experiences that only arose through her determined effort.

In many ways, I had given up hope of finding a diagnosis, much less completely healing. But Dr. Silver would have none of that. Her belief in my ability to recover and reengage in life was, at first, hard for me to accept, as long I had been ill and how deeply I had searched for resolution. However, she has been so thorough and skillful in her communications with me that I began to share the hope, even the certainty that she has that I was going to heal. She left me no doubt that she would and will stick with me through every step of this process.

Dr. Silver has been unceasingly perseverant, tracking down every lead and possibility.

I jokingly tell my friends that I have found another Dr. House, the iconic TV diagnostician known for his doggedness. But, unlike the TV character, Dr. Silver has demonstrated to me that the ability to heal, along with great knowledge, comes with great compassion.

My claim above of having seen 25 doctors before being led fortuitously to Dr. Silver is certainly under-estimated. Yet, I have not encountered any as deeply knowledgeable and professionally skillful as she is. Coming to that awareness, and receiving her kindness has allowed me to find trust again that I can find true help and support, and truthfully has carried over to many other parts of my life. My work is not yet over, but I now have no doubts that I am well on my way. I shall have eternal gratefulness to Dr. Silver for the life she has allowed me to reclaim.”