Athletes, you need an expert in your corner.

Are you struggling with training or race performance, but can’t figure out why?

As an athlete, your identity is — at least in part, defined by your athletic self. You have set goals for yourself and have committed to the hard hours of training, often making sacrifices in order to fit in a ride, run or swim. You have invested time and allocated resources for coaching, equipment, travel, healthy nutrition and races… But are you investing in your own health to ensure that your athletic potential is being reached?

I work with athletes of ALL abilities.

As a competitive amateur triathlete, I bring both personal training and racing experience — in addition to medical knowledge, to the care of my athletic patients. I work with athletes of ALL abilities, from professional ultra-runners, triathletes and tennis players, to burgeoning athletes who are eager to begin a new fitness program.

I have helped athletes who are “broken” — struggling with chronic fatigue, and over-use injuries, to those who want to ensure that they have a secure foundation of health before they ramp up training.

In my experience, athletes are often misunderstood by general practitioners who minimize their symptoms stating “You look fine… Maybe just take some time off from exercise.”

My approach is different.

I seek to explore the reasons for why athletes are struggling in order to implement treatment to see them back doing what they love. A critical component of my analysis will look at mitochondrial dysfunction, nutrients (vitamins and minerals) that are vital for performance, the gut biome and hormones — all of which form the pillars of athletic health.

You need an expert in your corner.

You’ve invested so much… Don’t miss the opportunity to excel.

Contact Boulder Peak Health and schedule an athlete specific health analysis — so you can get back on track!