Professional Female Athlete

“When I began working with Kiki, I was at an all-time low. As a professional triathlete, I had pushed my body – and mind – to their absolute limits without sufficient rest and recovery. My training and racing had suffered hugely; I simply could not perform. I was ill and injured. At my worst, I could barely make it out of bed or around the grocery store.

After my initial consultation with Kiki, I felt like I had made a big first step towards health and happiness again. She listened – she listened a lot – and then began setting forth a plan for us. Her holistic approach to medicine and athletic performance coupled with her everyday experience as a competitive female athlete is what really enabled us to hit the ground running.

She helped me make difficult decisions and provided information at every step along the way.

The process wasn’t always easy, but she made it easier. She always gave me every assurance that I would soon be back to health, happiness and fitness.

I was standing on a podium again. 

And guess what? Less than five months after I first spoke with Kiki, I was back to my butt-kicking ways and standing on a podium again. Perhaps more importantly, though, I was happy and healthy before I reached the start line. I continue to go from strength to strength. I will be forever grateful to Kiki for this and she’s always someone I want on my team.”